All month long, we have been delving into the topic of “Wisdom (Godly).” Our sub-topics have included; in relationships, and in decisions. This week’s topic (my personal favorite); “In Our Self-Care!” Our foundational scripture for this month’s VLOG series is,“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7 

Here’s The Update: Hubby and I have made a few adjustments to our eating habits and began a new work-out program (a 30 day intense program). I’ve completed the first 7 days already (missing yesterday & today/under-the-weather | planning to be back-at-it on tomorrow).

I saw this quote online and it describes my motivation perfectly, “God is a God of victory and He wants to make us fit for use, so therefore, glorify God in your body.” I’m not where I want to be yet, but I have seen great progress in this past month. My energy level is about 85%-90% back! That’s huge for me, all that medicine (Asthma) had me like… “whaat?” I’m thankful to be off of them now!!!!! #YaYGod

Wisdom, for me, was learning the importance of eating right, and staying active, I was spending long hours on the track/treadmill, but still had not grasps the importance of eating right. My energy level was low, but my hopes were high. I began to delve deeper into understanding Health and Fitness, and how it related to me (a woman in her 40s). I began to see results right away. My energy level began to increase (although, not much difference in my weight yet), overall I feel a lot better. It’s not just about weight for me, but I am believing for total restoration in that area as well. #Ibelieve #HealthAndFitness 

For those of you who have found yourselves at an impasse (health-wise), this blog is for you, Maybe you have dreams of getting fit, Don’t give up, stay the course, and you will begin to see results. I love you guys, and “Remember your best days are always ahead!”

Note: By the end of this week, I will be releasing two VLOGS: last week’s (in-Decisions) & this week’s (in-self care). #momonthego