Me: Dreaming, a Bigger Dream! Believing for total and complete restoration. #2ndHalfMarathon #Top5 

All month long, we are taking a personal journey through “Health And Fitness.”  Today our focus will be on healthy habits that will successfully propel us forward and get us back on/on the right track (Health Wise). When we are not feeling well, it can affect us in other areas of our life.“ For Me: I don’t want to just be mentally, emotionally and spiritual ready for whatever God wants to use me for, I also want to be physically ready so I can count on my body to take me where it needs to go.”

Here are a few healthy habits to consider adding to your daily routine;

  1. Physical activity (Get Moving)
  2. Walk in Forgiveness (Let Go | Let God)
  3. Be Conscious of Portion size
  4. Get Adequate Sleep
  5. Try Something New Everyday
  6. Learn to Laugh More
  7. Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends
  8. Quiet Time (Relationship Over Religion)
  9. Gratitude

“Once you see results, and feel the awesome feeling that working out and being healthy brings? There is no turning back!! NEVER!!!”

Remember, Your Best Days Are Always Ahead! #BelieveIt #ReceiveIt #WalkItOut