Now, after weeks of exploring this whole friendship thing, I have a question for you? Have you ever heard of a Friend that sticks closer than a brother? His name, Jesus! The best friend a girl could ever have. #smile His very existence should bring you hope and courage. Be inspired by Him, and allow that inspiration to take you to greater heights. I am so very thankful for His sacrifice upon the cross. To know Him is to truly Love Him!

Within the perimeters of this relationship (w/Christ); we become more secure and find a greater freedom in Him. I would like to submit this to you, “Allow God to lead you in all things, including your relationships!’

A relationship with Christ (first), and His Word will ultimately lead us to a greater love for ourselves, our neighbors and the things of God!

This world and all its uncertainties, can cause us to walk in doubt, and unbelief. The wrong relationships can lead us astray, and cause us to lose our Faith. But the right ones can help bring us closer to the “Saving Knowledge of Christ!” #Discernment

My prayer is that by me being transparent in my relationships that it will help bring clarity to yours. #OurFriendshipsMatter

Words of Encouragement: “Feed your faith, starve your doubt!”  “How’s that, you ask?” To feed your faith, is to fill your mouth with scriptures. Read, out loud. God has promised in His word that your mouth will be satisfied and your youth will be renewed like the eagles. Take Him at His word! #TrustHim