I am a goal setter (by nature), and I believe in working hard to be better than the person you were yesterday (always looking to grow, and to improve). One of my biggest pet peeve (other than gossip) is when others try to vilify, undermine or compete against those that are on the same team | working toward the same goal. I run from environments and people like that.

As long as I can remember, I have loved cheering on others and believing the very best for them. Years ago, I watched and listened quietly as others (who I thought were friends), set out to cast me in a not so good light. And those that I looked up to and respected, they just stood by & watched. It was a very painful, & humbling time. But God, He showed Himself Faithful. We all go through very hurtful, and painful situations. None of us are immune to disappointments. We all have experienced some sort of betrayal, and watched as others have sought to discredit/undermine us (for their own gain). #zerovictim

We can’t control what others do, or don’t do, but we can control how we respond. Have you ever heard the saying, “Comparison is The Thief of Joy?”  Well, I believe that there are other things that steal our joy as well, like being surrounded by the wrong people. I don’t believe in throwing people away, but I do believe in surrounding yourselves with positive people who build, encourage and challenge you to be your best self (and not to give in to those negative emotions that will some time come to discourage). This journey is not always easy but it is worth it with Christ.

We need to be careful to guard our Hearts. We need to learn how to protect the anointing on our life and that anointing is the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells with us.

Words of Encouragement: Walk in love, walk in humility and always believe the best in others (just be careful not to allow negativity to corrupt your spirit or steal your joy!

Joy is foundational to our Heavenly Father’s Nature. To know God is to find true “Freedom & Joy!”  Dig into His Word, and see the difference that is made in your life and in others! Remember to “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” – Ephesians 4:2

Love you all, and hope to see you soon!