Here is a behind the scenes look into a recent College visit for J. #momlife

I am super excited because this marks the 3rd video release of the week. This year (2018), I’ve;

  • Added new elements to the VLOG (still working out a few of the kinks but getting there).
  • Eliminated the set schedule – in order that the videos would flow more naturally and that I would produce more of them. I thank you in advance for your patience. #WritersLife 

A fellow vlogger, whom I respect very much, challenged me to create 90 VLOGS in 90 days and post (whether good quality or not), The objective; to help me to get a little more comfortable behind the camera. Like I said before, this aspect of blogging, is a bit challenging for me, but I am committed to Learning & Growing in this area. The Lord gave me clear direction: “Don’t just write about it speak about it.” And that is exactly what I plan to do! #lifelonglearner #christianblogger #AJournalOfLove #2018goals #staytuned 

To watch the entire video on YouTube click here.