Are you intentional about making a difference in your spear of influence, and just what does that look like? The Bible states in Roman 12:2 (NIV); “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

To not conform to the pattern of this world means to be “Different!” To be conformed to this world is to act as other men do, people who know not God; the Word exhorts us to undergo that total change which will bring us more into accordance with the will of God.

I am passionate about this subject! Why? Because God sent some individuals into my life that were, “Different,” and their impact has had a lasting affect on my life! I am grateful for their impact. I am grateful that they were not like everyone else, that they were “Different!” I am grateful that they were “Sold Out” to Christ & and that they were “Sold-Out” to being Kingdom Builders!

Our world needs more individuals who are not afraid to be Different! Question:What makes us Different?”  Answer:When we recognize who we belong to.” I want to encourage you to; Run your race with “Excellence, Simplicity & Integrity!” Get Ready, Get Set, Now Grow!  #BeSalt #BeLight #BeDifferent 

What it means to be different (Golden Nuggets from a recent sermon):

  1. We have a Purpose
  2. We are Passionate
  3. We have a Clear Perspective
  4. We have a Clear Vision
  5. We Live With Values
  6. We have Positive Conduct
  7. We are Full of Love

How are we to be different?

  1. We Focus on Eternity
  2. We Live Intentionally
  3. We Trust God

I am humbled by God’s Amazing Grace, and am forever grateful for those individuals that He brought into my life. Those that were, “Different!” I’m excited about God, & I am excited about the work that He is doing in all of our lives. Calling us to come up Higher, To Trust Him More, and To Be Different! Our Best Days Are Ahead… #BelieveIt 

A Personal Invitiation:

  • Our Church will host, “Eat Sweet Night(all ages)” on tomorrow, Wednesday October 25th. #HalloweenAlternative
  • Also, Our Church youth group (Uprising) will host, “We Own The Night on This Coming Sunday, October 29th (grades 6th-12th). If you live near by and are looking for something safe and fun to do with your children check out, for more information