A mother’s heart is always with her children, near or far (from birth unto adulthood).”  #ILoveThisQuote #AMothersLove

Recently, I received some unexpected news about “One” of our 4 children. They would have to face one of the biggest challenges of their lives. My instinct, to sweep in & to; “Save The Day!”  But experience has taught & is teaching me that “Problems” are just opportunities to trust God more… And for that Child, it’s time to “Level Up!” God loves our children with a much greater love than we ever could. We can trust Him #HeIsFaithful “The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith!” Hebrews 12:2
A Word of Encouragement to Parents of Teenagers & Young Adults:
We start off as christian parents, it seems, with some very unrealistic expectations for our children, as the speaker (in church) on Saturday night said. Things don’t always go as planned! But His Testimony was that he, and all of his siblings (one of 4), grew up in a christian home, rebelled at one time or another (he, himself had an alcohol addiction), now, all are free, and each of them serving God in one capacity or another. He, a pastor of a church out in California (making a huge difference in the lives of others). He came with a powerful word of encouragement for families. and It brought confirmation/and a witness to my Spirit! It was a right-now word for my husband and I. Never give up on the word/promises that God has spoken over your family, no matter what it looks like. Keep Believing! #YourBestDaysAreAhead
Here are a few of my notes from this past Saturday Night’s sermon. Hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed our family:
  • There is a level of breakthrough that you are called to occupy.  #live-blessed
  • There is a Freedom and Breakthrough for you and your family, That is NOW!!!! 
  • Come from a place of victory!!! Your Time Is Now grab it “As For Me And My House.” Joshua 24:15

How to Take Your Mountain (Freedom | Breakthrough):

  1. Catch It In Your Spirit 
  2. Claim It
  3. Conquer It