“And his name will be the hope of all the world.” Matthew 12:21 NLT

Hope is to look forward with confidence or expectation. It is about the future. Hope is for the future, it is the belief that the future can and will be better than the present and past. Hope is in knowing that, “Your Best Days are Always Ahead!” 

To hope in a world that boast such headlines that we face daily, is quiet a challenge. “Right? or Wrong?” In my humble opinion, I believe that it becomes less of a challenge when we place our hope & trust, not in people, but in Jesus Christ alone! Houston | Florida | Virginia | Puerto Rico | & most recently the tragedy in Las Vegas (not to mention the everyday trials and tribulations that occurs in cities across this country), these events have us feeling some type of way. Weather related Issues, racial tension, & random acts of violence with no rhyme nor reason, causes us to sit back and question the very fabric in which we stand, and that these United States were built on.

I want to encourage you, like our pastor has encouraged us; “Feed upon His (God) Faithfulness! And focus your Eyes On Him (God)!” Soon, all will be revealed and your questions will be answered (1 Corinthians 13:12). See problems as opportunities to Trust God more!” #yourperspectiveiskey

Be Salt! Be Light! There are many hurting people out there, needing and wanting answers. Answers that we, ourselves, may not have, but we know one who certainly does, and His name is Jesus! I want to encourage you to be counter culture, “don’t add fuel to the fire (No matter which side of the issues your beliefs fall on)…” I know that, that can sometimes be very difficult to do. “We want answers,” and “We want our voices to be heard!” But, as Christians, How Do We Respond? #WWJD

As one of the most recent guest speakers at our home church, Micahn Carter,  so eloquently stated, “We don’t throw rocks, we throw relief!” The relief we throw, or should be throwing is “Jesus, The Hope of The World!”