“When you change your focus from worry to the goodness of God you will walk in the favor of God!” Pastor David Blunt

It came in subtle, Worry that is! Senior year was fast approaching for my youngest son, and now what? College would be right around the corner! #peacebestill One of my greatest desires is to serve my husband and my family well. Am I doing all that I can do to help him prepare? It was at that moment that the Lord sent a word, and that word reminded me, not to worry but to focus on the Goodness of God! Can you relate?

Our pastor did a study on the word “Goodness” from the Strong’s Concordance and this is what it revealed”

The Bible Definition of “Goodness”: 

  1. God’s Best
  2. God’s Abundance
  3. God’s Loving Kindness
  4. God’s Favor
  5. God’s Prosperity (Mind | Body | Soul)

Never stop believing in God, and His promises. The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God, and worry, that’s the opposite of Faith! We all need to be reminded here and there. This past weekend’s message was my reminder that God has my son’s future securely in His hands, with one offer (college) already in hand. His future is bright!

Here are a few ways to plug into to God’s Goodness (sermon notes)

  • With Our Confession (What are you saying)
  • With Our Hearing (What are you listening too)
  • With Our Worship

When you truly believe that God is For You, you will understand that your best days are always ahead! #BelieveIt #ReceiveIt #WalkItOut Love you guys