Foundational Scripture: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

All month long, we are delving into the topic of “Wisdom (Godly).” Our sub-topics include; in relationships, in decisions, and my personal favorite… in our self-care (fitness update). This week’s topic; “In Decisions”

Most of us have lived long enough to know that our decisions can make or break us. The wrong decision can lead us into utter destruction, or total victory. Our decisions are key to becoming all that we were pre-destined to become! I would like to submit to you that; “Wisdom is not a teaching, but rather a person named Jesus. When God calls everyone to pursue wisdom, it’s a call to know Him through the Lord Jesus. He is the wisdom of God.”

Here’s a four-step process to making a wise decision (This process is meant to help us trust the Lord and His Word, not ourselves).

  1. Believe God’s Word.
  2. Listen to Godly counsel.
  3. Do what you want.
  4. Ask for faith.

Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year (so far); “Balance (especially as it relates to decision making) & Trusting God in a Greater Way!” #ToBeContinued #StayTuned #LookForThisWeeksVLOG