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This Time Last Year, I was training for my 2nd Half Marathon. Then Asthma | Allergies | Symptoms reared its ugly head and those plans were put on hold! But God, He’s A #Healer #Restorer 

For the last two weeks, I have logged in over 40 miles on the track (getting stronger and stronger everyday). My dreams of running my second half, is on the horizon. #Stronger Next Month (April), we are going to be talking about healthy and fitness. #StayTuned

Today’s VLOG marks the end of the series, “Power Points For Increase (Book Study)” Here are a few of my notes from this week’s study:

“Dr. Quillin believes that people’s lives can change when they come to the realization that “God’s purpose of providing food is to nourish the body with essential nutrients found in plants an animals.” He states, “You cannot enjoy life as God intended nor accomplish you “mission” if your body wears out too soon.

Here are some of Dr. Quillin’s ABCs of better health. #GoodStuff

A – Antioxidants: Curtail aging and prevent disease by eating plenty of fresh whole fruits and vegetables

B- Back Maintenance: The spinal cord is an extension of the brain. Keep it aligned and strengthen it with proper exercise

C- Chew Food Thoroughly: When food is swallowed too quickly, it cannot be fully absorbed into the bloodstream.

D- Drink Fluids Between Meals: Drink minimally while you are eating. Fluids dilute digestives juices. Drink your water between meals.

E- E vitamin: Several studies have shown that taking vitamin E on a regular basis can reduce the risk of heart attacks.

F- Fat Reduction: A high-fat diet brings many health hazards, such as clogging of the arteries and acceleration of the aging process.

G- Green Foods: Eat lots of vegetables, some of which should be uncooked. Buy organic produce when possible

According to Dr. Quillin, we must either take time for wellness or we will be forced to take time for illness.

Power Points Question: What are you doing nutritionally to improve your health?

Scripture Reference: “Eat what is good and delight yourself with rich nourishment. Isaiah 55:2 (author’s paraphrase)