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All month long, we are talking about “Power Points for Increase,” based on a book by Bob Harrison (Dr Increase).

To those of you that are new to this blog,Welcome!  “A Journal of Love” is a blog, which focuses on Faith & Family with an underlying theme of Cultivating the Love of God. In it I share my personal faith journey, while engaging you, (the readers) with uplifting material to inspire, and encourage continued personal growth. This fun –filled, power-packed journal is full of golden nuggets strategically placed to help empower, and add value.

Power Points for Increase: When we talk about Increase, we are not just talking about financial increase, but we are believing to see increase in every area of our lives. Hubby and I have some really big dreams for this year. What about you? #Increase #Flourish2017

Notes from This Week’s Study: 

Are you letting negative attitudes keep you from pursuing your dreams? “Choose life, that both you and your descendents may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

“An attitude is the direction in which you learn, say Lou Tise, a noted author and teacher of superachievers. An attitude is negative, if you anticipate negative outcomes, such as pain, displeasure, embarrassment, ridicule, failure or hurt, An attitude is positive, when you look for, and seek to possess the good that you can perceive in situations.”