“Have you clearly defined what is and what is not important to you?”  The Bible says in Proverbs 14:8, that “the wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way.” I believe that asking yourself tough questions, like this, is key to discovering and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Truth Be Told: If not careful, my schedule can be a bit overwhelming. #BusyMama So, asking myself those “tough questions,” most defiantly helps me in setting priorities. My top 5 are those things that mean the most to me. Things that I believe are essential to fulfilling my purpose. There are times when I find myself off track, but then I remember what matters most.

One of my top 5: To Be A Life-Long Learner (to that end, reading has become very important to me). “Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights.” Proverbs 18:15 The Bible is full of Life! And, I am so very thankful for it…. Besides the Bible (for continued spiritual growth), I also like to read other books that will most certainly help me grow in other areas as well. Hubby and I have some really big dreams for this year. #Flourish2017

The Lord prompted me in my spirt to read The book, “Power Points for Increase,” by Bob Harrison (Dr Increase). Increase(to me) is not just about finances but it touches every area of our lives. #Faith #Family Although finances are important, it takes so much more than that!

For all you dreamers out there, this week’s blog is for you. It is all about “strategies to help make your dreams a reality.” #TuesdayBlogRelease “Are you believing for financial increase, Are you believing to start a business this year, or  Are you believing to finish that project that you have been working on for years (smile)?”  Whatever the case may be, I believe that you will find wisdom within the pages of this book.

For my son, he’s believing to pass his drivers test. The injury to his leg last year, put all of that on hold. He has his permit, and as I patiently sit (in the passenger seat) and watch as he grows into his dream, I can’t help but think about how God must feel as he patiently waits, and watch as we grow into our dreams. #AmazingGod

Here are a few of my notes from the book on Strategy: 

  1. Be Realistic: Set levels of achievement that are believable and attainable. If you succeed in achieving or going beyond these levels, that’s great. Then you can set new goals.
  2. Don’t set too many: If you try to change and/or improve too many things at once, you could easily become discouraged. It is better to identify one or two deeply seated desires or needs for change and concentrate on those.
  3. Set Goals in Multiple Areas: Don’t get caught in the trap of setting only financial and career goals. Plan for increase in other areas: physical, mental, spiritual, important relationships, and giving.
  4. Divide into smaller strategies: Avoid being over-whelmed by large tasks. Break down your big goals into smaller units. For instance, if your goal is to lose fifty pounds in the next year, go after four pounds per month or one pound per week as your action strategy
  5. Keep yourself motivated: Do what is necessary to keep the desire for change strong. Display pictures representing your targets. Think about the benefits of succeeding. Keep positive input strong.
  6. Avoid Excuses: Don’t let misses become excuses for quitting. If you slip, then begin again.
  7. Pray: Prayer is an empowering force that can help you to break old habits

Keep in mind that even though the creation of goals is important, it is only through sustained action that you will experience change. Power Point Question: How can you better sustain action for reaching your goals this year?

Scripture Reference: “I press toward the mark.” Philippians 3:14 #GoodStuff

Hope you that are taking this journey with me are enjoying it as much as I am…… #HappyReading