“A person begins to develop a survival attitude when he or she resists the urge to quit and instead fight back. Each action helps to form a habit and habits create attitudes.” quote from “Power Points for Increase” (Bob Harrision) Deep & Very Insightful!

Reading this book has been very helpful, and has brought much needed clarity. In less than 30 days I believe our lives could totally change as a result of learning and applying the various increase strategies contained in this book.

How Prepared Are You For The Position or Dream That You Desire? #BeReadyStayReady 

I will tell you that this week’s schedule is very busy (to say the least), #BasketballAllWeekLong but not so much so that I can’t make time for this; reading | learning | growing! You see, I have a dream, a God-given dream and I am now ready to activate it! What about you? One of the stories in this book that really hit home, was that of Jerome Edmondson. He had dreams of playing basketball, only to face disappointment after trying-out for the team (sounds familiar | we’ve all been there). Determined to make the team, he went home and continued to shoot more “baskets.” #AKAbuckets The following year, he made it, and was promoted to the varsity team as a freshmen!

“The determination that Jerome learned as a young man set a pattern for his life. He went on to become America’s first minority Denny’s franchise owner and then the nation’s first black A&W franchise owner. Today he is the president of a restaurant company and speaks at seminars and conferences across the globe.

Jerome calls this process of holding on to your dream and walking it out step-by-step, “tenacity.”  He encourages people to “Stay with your dream. The higher you reach, the greater your success.”

Do you Believe it? #YourBestDaysAreAlwaysAhead #Flourish2017