All month long, we will be delving deep, and pulling out some much needed Golden Nuggets on Increase! This month’s book recommendation is, “Power Points For Increase” by Bob Harrison (Dr Increase).

In Bob Harrison’s book, the principles are all Biblically-Based and easy to apply. The question is, will you? I encourage you to, not only be a hearer, but a doer as well (James 1:22), For some of us the struggle has been way too long. #realtalk “One of the most glorious and courageous things you could ever do is live in the fullness of what Jesus purchased for you.” Lisa Bevere

The Bible says in Hosea 4:6, “my people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.” For some; It’s time that we find out what the Bible says about increase, and stand boldly on those promises. For others; we simply need to apply what we have already learned. #StopGoingAroundTheSameMountain #SelfEvaluationIsKey #TakeResponsibility and #StayAccountable

“It’s common to find people who desire to improve their lives but don’t know exactly what to do and/or how, where and when to activate their plans. Whether you are one of them, or simply want to better your life, the stories and principles in this book can give you that needed direction.” Bob Harrison #Breakthrough

Here are a few Nugget’s from my study of the book:

Power Point #1 “What appears to be the ending might really be a fresh beginning!” Question: Have you found this to be true in your life? Is there a new brook waiting for you to arrive? This point comes into play when your primary source/income has dried up look for another source.

Power Point #2 “Indecision is the key to flexibility.” Question: Are you losing flexibility and/or making costly mistakes by forcing yourself to make some decisions way too soon? “I have learned this to be true through my own life experiences. If I do not have all the facts and/or do not sense an inner peace, unless a decision is required immediately, I normally delay the decision.” Bob Harrison #getapersonalgrowthplanforyourfinances

Question (Perspective): Do you believe God wants you living from paycheck to paycheck, or like my pastor says, “robbing Peter to pay Paul?” Or Do you believe that God wants more for you? #FoodForThought #FirstThingsFirst #KingdomBuilder

On Another Note: Last week’s VLOG was written and recorded earlier in the week, but when it was time to upload the content was blurred, and I was unable to use it. When time permitted, I re-recorded the VLOG (later in the week), and released it early Sunday morning. The goal is to have one out every Thursday or Friday, but when the unexpected happens, adjustments are made! #stayingconsistent If you have not seen it already you can view last week’s VLOG by clicking here.