What do you do when life throws you a curve ball? Run, Duck or Swing for the Fence? Answer: You Swing! #HomeRun When life throws you a curve ball, your response is key! Don’t Run, Swing! #BeProactive #TheChoiceIsYours #StriveToBeTheBestVersionOfYourself 

Earlier this morning, I headed outdoors and put one foot in front of the other. #WalkedAMile  Up until recently, I had been exercising indoors (Indoor track | Workout Videos), but today was different. The temperature reached an impressive 60 degrees.

Last Fall, Asthma interrupted my health and fitness routine. It was followed by tons, and tons of medicines that slowed my progress. My half-marathon training was halted and my run, put on hold. #CurveBall By Go time, I was not yet released to run, maybe the 11k right, nah said hubby, so now what? We rolled up our sleeves and signed up as volunteers and served over 10,000 runners water, and I was blessed with the opportunity to place medals around some of the most dedicated and committed runners around. Although, I was unable to run in that race, I was able to participate.

My reward came in serving others. I enjoyed seeing them, encouraging them and meeting new people (some of the nicest people around | indeed what joy i felt), and by the way that was the longest I had been out in a while. I stayed until the very last runner crossed the finished line. #grateful

Now, I am completely Meds-Free, slowly but surely finding my way back to health and fitness. I’m excited about what the day will bring. What about you? #ANewFreshAnointing #EpicYearAhead 

There will be other races to run, but for now, One Step at a Time. I Trust Him! A Fresh New Year (2017) | Family Fitness Fun #Restoration #HealthAndFitness 

Have you checked out my latest VLOG (Video Blog) on YouTube, “Part 1 | A Journey Through The Music”  click here or follow this link; https://youtu.be/h4QRjIn_wA0 All month long, We will be taking a Journey Through The Music! #YouTuber #VideoBlogger