Can you believe that we are just days away from the end of 2016, and the start of 2017? What are you believing the New Year will bring? For me, I am believing Big! For 2016: I have read some amazing books, and have learned some really valuable life-lessons this year! I’ve had to trust God through impossible situations and have seen his Amazing Grace come through time and time again!

My pastor asked that we end this year reflecting on 3 things;

  1. What Did You Learn?
  2. Who Did You Meet | Connect With This Year?
  3. What Are You Expecting in 2017?

Any time, we are expecting to Enter The New (In this case a New Year, 2017), we can expect to go through a little something called, Process! #NotAlwaysEasyButWorthIt And for me, this year (2016) has been just that, a Process! #ABeautifulWorkInProcess

As most of you may remember, (earlier this year) Jeremiah came down hard on one of his legs and ended up in the hospital, surgery, wheel-chairs, and crutches came next…. But to look at him now and that same leg, what injury? In September, Asthma decided to make its debut! Two Inhalers, and tones on steriods later, I still believe God!

James1:2 says; “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds” If, we are honest, that is not always easy. If you remember my latest blog, Joy is a Fuse to our Faith! We find our Joy in Him, which means Our Quiet-Time, Our Alone-Time with God is vital even more than ever.

As we examine, and dig deeper into the Word of God this coming year (2017).  I believe that it will produce much more fruit than we have seen in previous years. As we allow God to strategically place & position us according to our Faith! God’s working in our life is adjusted to the measure of our faith in Him. A lack of faith hinders God’s power. Faith unleashes God’s power. Little faith means God works little. Big faith means God can work greatly in our lives.

(Encouragement For 2017) Believe, That You Will Receive The Promises! Trust, That The Lord Is Working All Things Out for Your Good, and Know That Your Best, and Brightest Days are Always Ahead! Learn From Yesterday | Live For Today | Hope For Tomorrow!

Happy New Years Everyone From Our Family To Yours (New Years VLOG coming soon)…..