When the unexpected happens, and you’re being told your son needs surgery…..Yep, that just happened. Back to back injuries both related to basketball. That boy’s love for the game is duly noted. He gave it all on the court for that love, even when he was supposed to be taking it easy #hint #hint Through it all, God’s hand of protection was upon him. #perspective He experienced broken bones in both his hand and his leg! No surgery was needed for the hand, but was needed for the leg. Can you say, blessed! He missed all the major bones in the leg, and is expected to make a full recovery. #forevergrateful #untilthencallmenursemom #LovingTheLordThroughServing

When preparing for this weeks blog, I was prompted to write about the Faithfulness of God, and how important it is for us to Feed upon that Faithfulness.

When we are walking in a close relationship with Him, He will inspire us with dreams and desires that are from Him. And I believe, my son’s dreams are God-given. I’ve seen how He(God) has used the game of basketball to grow and mature him(my son), and this latest incident was no different. We all saw God’s hands in this, and felt His presence. He did not cause the injury, but He was right there in the midst of us #FaithfulFriend My son, as impatient as he was, jumped ahead of God and the healing process(hand), and then experienced the second injury(leg).

As a mom, I was completely floored but felt God’s unending, unyielding Love right there surrounding, protecting and keeping him. #GodIsFaithfulEvenWhenWeAreNot Just ask yourself, how many times have you gotten ahead of God?

“Trust Him and do good! Dwell in the Land and Feed on His Faithfulness” Psalms 37:3 If we are dwelling in the land, and feeding on His goodness and faithfulness toward us, we are living in the land of more than enough in Christ Jesus. He is our Healer! He is our Great Provider! We enjoy ourselves in Him. We are delighted to be “sheep of His pasture” we are pleased to be His people. Our hearts’ desires will be found in Him. He will give us all those things we long for most in His perfect timing.

I want to take this opportunity to encourage moms. Life can come at us fast and hard! We are fiercely protective of our babies, and can’t always be there to protect them, but I know one who can and will be there. He is Faithful! and I for one am so very thankful. His Love Towards Us, Perfect, even in our imperfection! #TheBestIsYetToCome #BelieveIt #ReceiveIt #AndWalkItOut #FeedUponHisFaithFulness