Believe it or not, this blog was recorded and I thought ready to go on last Tuesday #TuesdayBlogRelease But yep, you guest it, life happened; Technical Difficulties with The Upload, and a Basketball Injury with my youngest son that led to his hand now being in a cast (Smile, Look-Up and Enjoy The Journey). #MyLife #PerfectlyImperfect

This week’s blog focuses on you and your God-Given Dream! And the title, it simply reads; “Believe!” I believe that God has called us to do great things, to impact, to serve, and to make a difference in the lives of others….. Check out my latest Vlog by clicking on this link. In it I share one of my God-given dreams, and how I plan to go about reaching that dream….#personaldevelopment #toastmasters #GodsProcess   Allow this video to encourage, and motivate you. God has big plans for you. Read, Study and Meditate on Jeremiah 29:11!!!!! Believe! #TheBestIsYetToCome

Here are a few of my notes from the series, “The Making of a Dreamer” by Pastor Blunt

  • God has given all of us a dream
  • God has given all of us a destiny
  • Character is the Key to reaching our destination

Character is how we act, and how we react!!!!! Don’t Be Weary in Well Doing! Like Joseph; Remember the Dream, and Know That God is With You! Motivation keeps you going and Discipline will keep you Growing!!!! #Grow

Take Aways From Joseph’s Life;

  • Build Your Faith
  • Stay Faithful in the Process (Our Degree of Faithfulness Determines Our Fruitfulness)
  • Expect God’s Favor

“God is limited in what He can do through us by what we will allow Him to do in us.” Pastor Blunt (Check out the podcast for more;

Dream So Big…. That You Need To Grow Into It…..