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How do I Love God More?

1)Through Reverence (the fear of the Lord) (His house, one another)

2) Prompt obedience (if we love him, obey Him)

3) By Being Grateful (makes room for more)

4) Recognizing His Blessings

5) Focusing on His plan/purpose (love God, please Him)

6) Resisting Temptation (loving God is a choice) (loving God, More)

7) Love God by loving His Word (renew your mind) (potential)

8) Put God First (First Thing First) (Your #1 Passion)

9) Loving One Another

10)By Loving God More Than The Things of This World

11)By Living To Please The Lord

We were created to know God & To Love God!!!!

* Prioritize

The Fruit of The Spirit, Peace (Next Blog) Stay Tuned!!!!