I’ve been up since early this morning praying. The house is quiet, it’s just me & God. I am grateful for the opportunity to pray for/serve my family, pray for/serve my community, and to pray for/serve in my church. I get so much joy from serving/giving! Last night Pastor started a new sermon series on Wednesday Nights, “Paying It Forward,” and to add to that,  I am currently reading a book (recommended by our Creative Arts Director), entitled, “Go Giver.”  Anyone who truly knows me, know how important this subject is to me. I believe that we are Blessed to be a Blessing and am looking forward stepping it up, and learning more this month.  #Outreach

I love helping people, and “A Journal of Love,” in a small way, is meant to do just that! It gives me great joy to know that someone out there is reading this blog. My prayer is that by sharing parts of my Personal Faith Journey, you will be blessed and inspired in yours. So far the feedback on this blog has been amazing (To God Be The Glory!)”  We re-launched this blog in late January of this year(2015), with the help of the Holy Spirit,  and with it came a renewed since of Passion, Purpose, and a brand-new web address. I’m grateful.

Thank you, Lord for leading me, for guiding me, for protecting me and keeping Me. I thank God for giving me a greater spiritual discernment and fine tuning my spiritual ears. Thank you for Giving Me a Greater Desire For Your Word and Your Presence (Nothing Lacking Nothing Missing)!!!! My heart’s desire; “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” John 17:4

Saw this post on-line and it touched my heart, and to me; it sums up this blog perfectly; “On a mission today… Love thinking of others before myself. Lord give me wisdom…. And lots of sweetness..” Eunice Rodriguez #SaltAndLight