The song,“Made New” by Lincoln Brewster has literally been on repeat in my ear for about a week now as we prepare for our upcoming Christmas Production at church; “Christmas Makes Everything New.” The lyrics resonates in my spirit, reminding me of the impact that accepting Jesus Christ has had on my life! I get excited when I think about His goodness, and what He’s done for me. I was made, New (2 Corinthians 5:7)And Through the help of The Holy Spirit, I become more and more like Jesus Everyday. #Growth #GoodMorningHolySpirit #INeedYourHelpToday

Here are a few of my notes from this mornings’s quiet-time;


  • Everyday in Him brings the New (Lamentation 3:5) We wake to a choice, and that choice (for me) is to live a life that pleases Him. The Word tells us that when we are living a godly life we have a power and an authority in our life to “do that which is right in the sight of the Lord.” 2 Peters 1:3-8 (AMP)
  •  That “New” has brought, and continues to bring transformation into my life. And as I Allow The Holy Spirit to dwell in me daily, it makes that old nature give way to the new, Christlike nature. It is a process, and that process continues throughout our lifetime. I am grateful for my journey in Christ.
  • He continues to “Hold My Head Up,” He “Reminds Me Who I Am” and He Gives Me Confidence, Not in My Own Ability, but in My Ability Through Him! I Am A Daughter Of A King, and I have been Made New through Him, and through my relationship with Him (which I embrace daily (through prayer, the word, worship, giving and serving others, and in my local church).

Enjoy the song, and let it remind you of when you made that decision. And if you haven’t made that decision yet, what are you waiting for? He Makes All Things New! Revelation 21:5