A few weeks back, I felt led to share/post encouragement to parents…. and today I felt led to share again to this site:

Today is a very special day for two of our children!!!! And My husband and I are pulling double duty to be available and support them both! He’s in Wisconsin, and I’m here at home!!!! We’re both preparing to see dreams come true! In just a few short hours my daughter will be sworn in as an Attorney (Passing Both the California & Wisconsin Bar) & My youngest son will be jumping as a part of the Varsity Team!!!!

Being a parent requires much sacrifice, love, patience & Faith in God! We believe it to be one of our most important roles in life. Being a steward of one of God’s most precious commodities. My hubby and I were very young when we married, and knew next to nothing But God is Faithful! I believe that there is someone out there today that may need to hear this! Not perfect, but parents who believe and depend upon; God’s Grace! His Love! His Guidance (Holy Spirit), His Word, and His Protection!

Our trust in Him! Being a parent/g-parent keeps me on my knees, praying and believing God’s best for each and every one of them! That their relationship with Christ would continues to grow (even when they leave home), and that they would continue to be on fire/passionate about serving Him, and others! I believe that there maybe someone out there needing some encouragement as a parent.

It is not the easiest Job, and most time our work as parents may go unnoticed to our children. But we are to do our jobs until Him, anyway. They are just on loan to us. Keep standing, keep believing, and keep trusting God! Like my pastor said on Sunday; “God Can, and God will heal right now!!!!!”