Scripture Reference Jeremiah 29:11 (CEV)

  • God promises to bless us with a future of hope and success.
  • Bible hope is confident, joyful expectation that something good will happen in your life.
  • Faith is the arrow to hit the goal of hope.

Bible hope releases:

  • Power
  • Courage  (without hope we are discouraged, with hope we have courage)
  • Security

Bible hope keeps us:

  • Consistent
  • Unshakable
  • Steadfast
  • Confident of our future

Bible hope conquers:


  • Bible patience is joyful endurance while you’re waiting, and no one knows you’re waiting
  • Worry over our future
  • Hope is an anchor to our emotions.
  • When we have a supernatural hope, natural circumstances will cave in.
  • When we maintain hope, feed our hope, it will put us in a position for increase.
  • How do I feed my faith?

Through my confession-Romans 4:18 (NLT)
Release the Word, speak it out
Believe the Word
Confession comes before possession
Make daily confessions to have a tough mental attitude

  • Through praise and worship-Psalm 42:11

Praise Him as an act of our will
Develop a radical praise life”

These notes are from one of my favorites sermons, “An Attitude of Hope” by Pastor David Blunt. Hope it blesses you, as much as it has blessed me!!!! For More Information;