My worship time this morning was filled with golden nuggets & life changing information! There was such a powerful presence! Seems fitting, as tomorrow marks the end of our 21 day corporate fast, and what an amazing journey it has been!!!! I needed this. #Focus

I believe God is more concerned with our journey, than our destination. The journey is what He uses to build our Character!

My pastor says knowing God is a process & it will bring transformation in our lives!!!! I know it has in mine, and it continues to do so. Fasting brings clarity!!!  Its purpose is to take our eyes off the things of this world, and to put them on Him instead. It tunes our spiritual ear, and helps us to focus on the things that matter most…..

I am so very thankful for His unending, unyielding love toward us. He is an Amazing God!

Let us Be Doers of His Word, Impacting Our Generation, And Bearing Much Fruit For His Kingdom as We Enjoy & Embrace This Beautiful Journey that He Has Set Before Us ”

Note: (One More Day and I will be back on Social Media…  My how I’ve missed connecting with my friends and family)!!!!