Yesterday, our church hosted the “Ultimate Life Seminar” with Dr. Dave Martin. It was full of Golden Nuggets, and Useful Information! Here are my notes:


  • It’s a Choice! It is not automatic
  • Your commitment to grow today will brings success tomorrow
  • Learn something new everyday.
  • It’s our responsibility to grow
  • Be Teachable
  • Continue to grow/learn (be a life-long learner)

Think Big:

  • J Paul Getty said the key to thinking big is exposure..

How we use our time makes all the difference:

  • Set Aside 1 hour a day to learn something new

Three types of Days:

  • Result Day
  • Prep Day
  • Rest Day

Here are some nuggets from his book,  “12 traits of the Great”:

1) Take Responsibility
2) Mindset (Strong Belief System) believe in yourselves…. Don’t lose faith in your dreams (See yourself as God’s sees you, not as others/or even yourself see you) Our position in life is determine by our condition in Christ!!

  • Van Go was told that he was a horrible painter, but he kept painting, and his paintings have made over a hundred million dollars
  • Margaret Mitchell submitted her book to 31 publishers before it was accepted and published in 1936. The title of that book, “Gone with the Wind” Today, that book is considered a classic!
  • Colonel Sanders started KFC in his mid 60s.
  • Know that you have the mind of Christ (You’re Brilliant)! Change your Thinking!

3) Passion/Purpose; What is your passion?

  • When you are doing what you love, it will reward you.
  • Live your Passion!!! Come Alive!

4) Imagination

  • Create a Vision Board/Wall

5) Wisdom (passion to study) is more valuable than silver… & We’re Worth it!!!

6) Relationships (Iron sharpens Iron)
7) Focus

  • There is Strength in Focus
  • Our sight affects our Desire
  • Think About Winning
  • A Lesser Pursuits will break your Focus… Don’t be distracted!

8) Courage! It takes courage to be you! Be who God created you to be!!! Know who you are…

  • Be a Person of Action. Don’t be afraid of failure!!!
  • Kobe Bryant holds the record for the most missed shot! He also holds the record for the most made shots, beating out Micheal Jordan
  • Be Courageous (brave)
  • Be Persistence (Keep moving forward)
  • Fight until you win!
  • Stay the course, just don’t quit….